A total of 81 Classmates and guests attended our 35th class reunion.

The following awards were presented:

  • Travelled the farthest - tie between Katie Kandarian-Morris, Amy Newland (Torch) and Donna Burk (Koch) - all 3 from California
  • Married the longest - Shari Harrison (Joyce) - 33 years
  • Most Grandchildren - Dan & Mary Mouthaan (Cotcamp) - 7 between them
  • Looks the most like they did in High School - John Strayer
  • Who has the youngest child - Lauri Crowe - 11 years old
  • Who represents 1975 the most - Ruth Kaplan (Kollin)
A grand prize drawing was held for a free nights stay at Homewood Suites or other extended stay hotel - the winner was Donna Pierce.

The most common names for our classmates were:  John and Kathy
A prize was awarded to the first person that figured it out - Kathy Pink (Kidle)

Special thanks to all of the people that helped put the reunion on:

   Ruth Kaplan (Kollin) and Val Henderson (Houghton)
Treasurer & Flower center pieces:      Nancy Ahern (Renius)
Name tags:    Janet Ford
DVD of class pictures:     Anne Thieda (Johnston)
Set up hotel & door prizes: Donna Pierce

Other helpers, especially in locating classmates:
Robin Jacobson (Galbraith)
Katie Kandarian-Morris
John Capella
Steve Shaffer
Carol Petrea (Strother)
Cheri Webb

The man behind the microphone - Fred Heumann